Workshop series - The Art of Letting Go

Ki Yoga Serangoon Gardens Yoga Workshop Yen

The end of a year marks a time of reflection and for our yoga practice, it’s an opportunity to consider what we can let go of in order to experience new freedoms in our minds and body.

Join Yen in his signature workshop on 17 December 2021, 7:15pm - 9:45pm to journal and reflect on our attachments, and enjoy a relaxing 75-minute candlelit Yin Yoga practice.

Through this 2.5-hour workshop, we will work on intention-setting, and letting go of what we cannot control, our judgments, everything that is causing us to feel unhealthy, so that we can be nourished, replenish ourselves, and start anew.

Yen, who used to be a tough journalist from the Straits Times, became a certified yoga instructor to make peace with his past trauma.

With this, he aims to inspire his students to reflect on the changes they want to see in their lives and build functional strength, flexibility, and self-love.

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