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For all New Kins, here's how you can download our Ki Yoga Mobile Apps for the best experience at Ki Yoga.  Whether you are booking your favourite classes or topping up your class credits, this all-in-one app is the only one you need!

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For new members and for a limited time only - Claim One Complimentary Class

Simply download the app, sign up and purchase the package '1 Complimentary Class (Migration Special)' for $0.


To make your onboarding as smooth as possible, here are some FAQs regarding signing up.

Q: I see the option to “Continue with Facebook”.  Can I use my Facebook account to sign up?

A: Yes you can!  But please note that your Facebook account has to be linked to the SAME email address as your existing account with us.

Q: Do I have the use the same Name as the previous app when I sign up?

A: No, only the email is critical.  However, you should use a name which can be lawfully identified as yours in case we require identification in our business processes.

Q: I get the error message “This username is already taken.  Please try another one."

A: In our new app, Usernames are unique.  Do select another name, and you can use numerals as well.  Usernames will not impact the migration of your packages (only email addresses are critical).

Q: I get the error message “The email address is already in use by another account.”

A: This may mean you have set up an account with another establishment using the same core booking system as us.  To verify this, go to “Login” and try to login.  If you are unsuccessful, simply click “Forget Password”, enter your email address and you should receive an email to reset your account.  If the automatic email was sent, please reset your password using the link in the email.

Q: I am an active member and I have signed up successfully but I do not see my packages OR my Class Credit looks different. What went wrong?

A: Do assist us to verify that you have used the SAME email address as our previous app.  The Studiobookings app is still active, so do drop by there to check the email address which you have entered.  If the email address matches and you are still unable to see your packages, please Contact Us so that we may investigate and resolve the issue.

Q: What will happen to my data in the Studiobookings system?

A: We will be deleting all members' information on Studiobookings after the entire migration process is completed.

If you are having trouble and need a helping hand, contact our help-desk (via whatsapp).  We are standing by to help!