Rules to make Ki Yoga a better place for everyone

Welcome to Ki Yoga! If this is the first time you are visiting our studio, please take some time to read through our studio rules as well as our T&Cs.

  • Please come at least 10 mins before the class commence. This is to allow us to show you around the space so you can familiarise yourself. You can also let us if you have any existing conditions or injuries.
  • Come in comfortable exercise attire, stretchable, and sweat absorbent material that is easy and comfortable for the body to move. Please refrain from wearing any heavy accessories and will hinder your movement or focus.
  • Mats and Towels will be provided, but you can bring a mat towel if you prefer to lay over our mat.
  • Please remove your shoes at the stairway prior to entering the studio facility. No footwear is allowed in the studios.
  • There is a water dispenser in the studio. Please bring along your own bottle, or bottled water can be purchased at $1.
  • Come with a smile and positive vibe to full enjoy the practice!
  • Please do not be late for class. Any late comers more than 5 minutes will not be allowed to enter the class. No refund will be given.
  • Please ensure that your handphone and smart watches has been switched off to silent/flight mode with no vibration. This is important as we all share the same space, let’s work together to make it a good experience for one another.
  • Kindly refrain from talking loudly in the studio room before and after class. We would like to maintain the studio room to be a quiet space where everyone can find peace and calmness before or after the practice. Feel free to connect with each other at our lounge area or changing room.
  • Do not step on other mats when you are entering the studio room, walk around the peripheral and choose your mat to settle down. We believe that the mat is a clean canvas for the practice this is a sign of respect to each other.