About us

Ki Yoga was inspired by the notion of yoga as a practice of self-love. Nestled within a bustling enclave of Serangoon Gardens, we provide a beautiful space, where there is no competition, no judgement and no external distraction. We provide an array of classes, to cater to every body, from a relaxing stretch class, to an invigorating flow class.  We welcome you to this homely studio and look forward to supporting you in a practice that resonates deeply.

What we stand for

Trust. A space where students can trust the teacher, trust the yoga and trust their body.

Compassion. To fully understand the needs of students and provide a safe environment for them.

Comfort. To enable student to feel at home with premium facilities and space. Sustainability. Ensuring that we play our part in protecting the environment and reduce carbon footprint.

Empowerment. To encourage yoga for all ages and students to regain body confidence.

Through these values, we want to make Ki Yoga a safe and comfortable space, to enjoy practice without judgement and to receive the true benefit and joy from their yoga practice.

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