The Ki Story

As told by founder Jacqueline

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The name "Ki" came about through a series of unexpected turns in my yoga journey.  In Apr 2021, I suffered from a lower back condition that hindered my teaching for close to 3 months.  During the time of recuperation, I started to think, how else can I contribute to the Yoga community, if teaching is no longer sustainable for me?

I have always thought of myself as being a low-risk character, but a voice inside spoke to me so strongly to share my passion in another way.  That way was to create a new space to share my passion.

The word “Ki” means tree in Japanese language. Ki Yoga was inspired by the beauty of blending nature with city life. The humble tree is a symbol of much greatness in the universe. Not only does it project a majestic sign of enduring strength, it plays a vital role in our harmonious ecosystem. It symbolizes prosperity, longevity and wisdom.

Trees are known to be resilient; their roots dig so deep into mother earth and they stand so tall and proud. They provide shelter to those who need, and they provide oxygen for other living beings. At Ki Yoga, we want to be that tree, to help our Kins grow strong roots and be grounded; stand tall and have confidence in their own quiet practice.

At Ki Yoga, we strive not only to have experienced teachers with specialised skillsets, but also to groom new teachers who share the same beliefs and a strong desire to teach, and collectively, we spread the love of Yoga.

To conclude, I would like to share a quote which my teacher presented me when I was losing my direction, and I have always turned to it as my personal anchor in Yoga.

“Teach with your heart, and people will come” – Arun Rana


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