ki yoga serangoon gardens

  • Unfortunately, we do not have a standing free trial offer; however, we have a 2-Class trial package available at all times. Alternatively, you may drop in for a single class. See our pricing details here.
  • Step 1: Read through our studio rules and terms & conditions, to understand more.
  • Step 2: Download our App here and create an account with us, in a few easy steps.
  • Step 3: Check out the App Menu on the top left corner and tap on "Buy Packages", to select and purchase your first class package. We recommend the 2 Class Trial or, for best value, the 10 Class Package for starters.
  • Step 4: Go to “Browse Classes” in the same menu to book a class.
  • Come in comfortable (but not overly loose) exercise attire, which is stretchable to allow body movement. Your clothes should be sweat-absorbent. Some yoga/compression may become translucent when stretched, so always perform a "stretch check" in front of the mirror before wearing a new item for the first time.
  • A water bottle for hydration. We provide free chilled water!
  • A personal towel, which is optional.
  • A big smile, an open mind.
  • Online Shop – Credit Cards, GrabPay, Paynow
  • In-Studio only – Cash, PayLah, PayNow, GrabPay