Teach with Confidence series - Yoga for Pregnant Students

ki yoga pre natal for teachers

Hi fellow Yoga Teachers! Do you feel nervous when a pregnant student comes for your Yoga class? Are you worried if your sequence is too much for them or putting their baby in danger? This workshop is for you! Join Jacqueline in this 4-hour workshop targeted at modifying and sequencing your class to suit a prenatal student.

Topics Covered:

1. Overview of Prenatal Yoga and body changes throughout the pregnancy
2. Anatomy of Pregnant Women
3. Dos and don’ts for prenatal students
4. Modifications of Yoga sequence and poses
5. Usage of Props to support and adjust for prenatal students

This workshop will equip you with all the necessary information and skills to modify your sequence and poses should there be a pregnant woman in your class. There will be lots of discussions and Q&A opportunity to share your concerns and experience working with pregnant women in class. This workshop will be taught by Jacqueline Soon. She has been teaching Pre and Post Natal Yoga for the past 7 years and have assisted in teaching Prenatal Modules in various 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Singapore. Join her for an informative and fun sessions to build more confidence in your teaching!

Book your spot here or contact us for more details.

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