Ki Yoga Serangoon Teacher Wendy

Wendy’s yoga journey began in 2016. A groupon trial introduced her to a couple of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga classes and it evoked something magical. This feeling never left her.
Fast forward 2 years later, yoga entered into her life again where she worked as a part-time receptionist at a yoga studio. During her time there, she was highly inspired by the yoga teachers and started practicing yoga regularly. She was yet again reminded of the magical feeling that she felt back then. This was when she realized that yoga wasn’t just an exercise but a lifestyle.
Yoga taught her calmness, patience, and most of all - the awareness of her mind, body, and breathe to find peace.
Her class focuses on enabling students to get into poses with simple instructions, and through proper alignment, safety remains as her first priority. Her greatest hope is to bring about the benefits of yoga to people of all ages.

200hrs Roots of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Arun Rana
300hrs Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Arun Rana