Being lover of a good sweat, Rachel was searching for a style of movement that was effective and sustainable. Having explored different activities such as dragon boat, boxing, running just to name a few, she found it hard to sustain while juggling life in the corporate world. Rachel started her yoga journey from a gifted trial class by a colleague back in 2015 and never stopped practising since. It was something she could do easily during business travels, but she always felt at home when she returned to the studios.

Coming from a corporate background, Rachel encounters a lot of people struggling with body-mind awareness and connection. She feels a responsibility to share the practice and the benefits of yoga. Students can expect a mindful practice with focus on engagement and alignment. More importantly, learn to enhance the connection between the body and mind with breath through the asanas.

200hrs Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Tan Hee Boon