Ki Yoga Serangoon Gardens Teacher Kerrine


Kerrine started her yoga journey in 2015, after accompanying her mum for a class, who was looking for a pastime amidst juggling the hustle and bustle of the corporate world.

As her practice progressed, Kerrine found that yoga not only allowed her to find a new strength physically, it also served as a moment to moment reminder to stay fully present and allowed her to connect deeper with herself.  

Having been a dancer since 5, the rigour from her trainings has made Kerrine develop a highly disciplined personality. As such, Kerrine found herself drawn to yoga classes that focused on alignment and progressive movements. This was what drew her to joining a 200-hour Teacher Training, focusing her study on Hatha yoga.

Kerrine sees yoga as a continual learning process, it is a trial and error to find different ways, what works for each individual, their bodies and practice. She loves to share, learn and help her students discover more about themselves. There is no one way to do a pose and through her classes, she wishes to help students cultivate a practice that suits their body and condition.


200hrs Roots of Hatha Teacher Training with Arun Rana