Ki Yoga Serangoon Gardens Teacher Jacqueline

Jacqueline started yoga in 2010 with simple intentions to spend time with her mum. Struggling with flexibility issues since young, she never once considered yoga as part of her lifestyle. However, she loved returning to mat because the feeling after class is always rewarding. Overtime, she saw the light of how Yoga has taught her contentment, patience and most importantly, self love.

In April 2013, she embarked on her first yoga retreat in Bali, where she was inspired by deeper meanings and benefits of yoga. Determined to find out more, she returned and took up 200hrs Teacher’s Training in Nov 2013. This was when she was determined that this is her new path in life. To her, the biggest reward is to see students improving through time and enjoying themselves in every practice.

Jacqueline’s class focuses on building a strong foundation, straight forward instructions to better help student get into proper and safe alignments. Expect fun and creative transitions in her dynamic classes, with lots of positive energy and encouragement to motivate students along.

200hrs Beginner’s Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Copper Crow
200hrs Roots of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Arun Rana and Prakash Singh
300hrs Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Arun Rana
100hrs Mindful Birth Teacher Training for Pregnancy
Yoga Therapy (CET)