Linh Hoang

Ki Yoga Serangoon Teacher Linh

Linh was exposed to yoga since 2015 when her shoulder pain continued to trouble her after an accident. Her first yoga class was aching like never before the next day. But after witnessing how a month of practice rid her of shoulder pains, she fell in love with the asana and was determined to explore other facets of yoga. She was then hooked!

To Linh, teaching others teaches her. Much of what she has learnt about the human condition comes from observing and interacting with her students, and she believes in setting up a safe space, proposing possibilities and giving her students possibilities to move as freely as they wish. Linh is a firm believer that anyone can receive the benefits of the practice in their own special way.

Through open conversation, Linh hopes to build deep and meaningful connections with her students, not just on the mat but also beyond the asana practice. She aims to inspire them through her own experiences and to share her wisdom.


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