Ki Yoga Serangoon Teacher Amelia

Amelia started yoga in 2014 as she was looking for a substitute for running. She fell in love with hot yoga as it gave her a sense of lightness and also challenged her mind in every class. Yoga became a part of her lifestyle quickly, and she soon discovered how yoga has grown her to be more patient, slowing down in everyday life, and being more mindful of herself and everything around her.

After graduating university in 2017, Amelia took a gap year. She worked part-time and practiced almost everyday. A series of events  lead her to the decision to take up a 200hrs teacher training in Jan 2019 as she wanted to discover more about yoga, beyond the asanas. It was then that she discover that she really wanted to be a teacher. To be able to see her students grow through their practice and enjoying every class brings her so much joy.

Amelia’s classes focuses on strong foundations and proper alignments for students to prevent them from injuries. Her classes starts with simple movements and transitions into more challenging postures. She wishes to help students create more awareness between their mind, body and breath while keeping things light and fun.

200hrs Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Copper Crow
300hrs Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Arun Rana